Mayster Craft is a designer furniture shop with family traditions that have been passed down for three generations in the family that made woodwork their main craft. Incredible experience and professionalism combined with high-tech equipment and high-quality natural raw materials allow us to produce original, environmentally friendly and exquisite furniture for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops etc.

Mayster Craft production is a smooth combination of wood machining with the help of modern equipment with manual finishing of fragments and ornaments that preserve the warmth of the craftsman’s hands and heart. The process of development and creation of each piece of furniture is absolutely unique and individual at each stage, while the beauty and energy of natural wood uncover the potential of each item in full.

Furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, office, as well as staircases and doors produced according to individual projects by the Mayster Craft shop are made in Ukraine and shipped to other countries: France, UAE, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan etc.

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